Life Saving Helmet

"...I still remember pondering the cost of that helmet [that I purchased from your Tallmadge store] in 1980, and then thought about how much I would enjoy to continue living after using my new Stihl 039 that my father-in-law purchased for me to clear the lot for our soon-to-be built home on Barnes Drive.  I am so glad I decided to spring for it, as I am sure I would not be here to tell you of this story if I hadn't and wore it on every occasion that I used the saw.  It only takes one time, and this one happened 28 years after purchasing it.  It all happened so quickly.----- I never saw the 18 inch bar leave the log, I only saw the helmet go flying across the woods, and wondered why in the world it took off like that?  A quick glance at the holes in the helmet and torn face screen, and I began to realize what had almost happened." - Denny Bowsher - Tallmadge, Ohio