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Location Managers

Contact Info Location
Akron Location Manager - Stephanie Sczpanski

Name: Stephanie Sczpanski

Store Phone: 330-633-3999

Toll Free: 800-453-7767

Fax: 330-633-5085

Email: Click to send Steph an email


Canton Location Manager - Jeff Ulman

Name: Andy Wentling

Store Phone: 330-456-6800

Toll Free: 800-453-7762

Fax: 330-456-7614

Email: Click to send Andy an email


Cleveland Location Manager - Taylor McCarthy

Name: Taylor McCarthy

Store Phone: 216-663-9380

Toll Free: 866-422-2700

Fax: 216-663-9385

Email: Click to send Taylor an email


Cleveland West Location Manager - Butch Poling

Name: Butch Poling

Store Phone: 440-327-0515

Toll Free: 800-714-7243

Fax: 440-353-0452

Email: Click to send Butch an email

Cleveland West

Wooster Location Manager - Mike Perry

Name: Mike Perry

Store Phone: 330-264-6474

Toll Free: 800-466-7452

Fax: 330-264-6850

Email: Click to send Mike an email


Youngstown Location Manager - Matt Wagner

Name: Matt Wagner

Store Phone: 330-799-2555

Toll Free: 800-453-7763

Fax: 330-799-2527

Email: Click to send Matt an email